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Only provide you the premium quality products with great taste for your balanced healthy lifestyle 

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PreAureum Black Garlic 

What makes PreAureum Black Garlic a premium product?

-    More than 3 times higher S-allyl Cysteine
-    Unique Japanese technology for over 8 years
-    No additives or sugar added
-    Honest ingredient origin from Vietnam
-    Only use solo/single/one-clove black garlic bulb

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PreAureum Turmeric Powder

What makes PreAureum Turmeric the finest product in the market?

-    The granularity of the powder is much smaller than other similar product
-    Our turmeric powder is extracted from the juice of the fresh turmeric roots instead of dried roots in the usual extraction process
-    “It’s all about the taste” like no other product with a pleasant taste



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Spaghetti with Black Garlic topping

preaureum turmeric latte.jpg

Golden smoothie with Turmeric Powder

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PreAureum Experience

As living across the Western countries, we often miss some good products from the East where we were originally from. We would like to introduce the best experiences from the East, with current focus on the healthy food products to your world so you can have the best of both worlds.

At PreAureum, we believe in Honesty and Transparency in every step of sourcing a good product from raw materials to the finished products. PreAureum means premium golden quality.

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