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Our Commitments

At PreAureum, we believe in Honesty and Transparency in every step of sourcing a good product from raw materials to finished products. PreAureum means premium golden quality.

We would like to be your Personal Assistant in selecting the best products from the East by leveraging our experiences of living in both the East and the West. We do the due diligence in every step of selecting the best products for your health.

Our Mission

We are a small business with a dedicated team with years of life experience living across the world and with a passion to bring the best products from East countries to the West countries and vice versa for your balanced health.

We understand the pros and cons of big farming versus small family farming. We support small family farming by sourcing the materials from these small farms, thus, the farmers do not need to flee their hometown to work in a big city and abandon their lands. According to USDA, small farming provides Diversity; Environmental benefits; Empowerment and Community responsibility; Places for families; Personal connection to food; and Economic foundations.

Our Processes

PreAureum Black Garlic Processes

black garlic whole clove on dark background, black garlic cut, fermented garlic, preaureum black garlic


We love to hear your feedback so we can serve you better.
Contact us for any feedback, wholesale, frequent buy, bulk buy or to get exclusive deals (coupons and giveaways!) or find out about our latest products, and more by using the form below, or send us a DM through our social media pages or email us at

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