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What is it all about Black garlic, an exotic luxury foods from Asia?

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

I had some doubt at first when I heard about Black garlic, sort of "meh, eat garlic directly? nah" and it's also a bit expensive for a stingy person like me. Then, my friends, my family member started talking about it, my curiosity won and that's when I tried black garlic the first time about a year ago. OMG! it's so tasty.

Since then, I was mad and put black garlic in all the dishes and to be honest, black garlic compliments the taste of 99/100 recipes (ok, I'm biased, but try it yourself, you will love it like me for sure). You can create your own recipes and try it with PreAureum black garlic. There are some recipes I have tried with this premium black garlic, such as: butter garlic prawn, pan-fried fish, and even desserts like tarte tatin and ice cream, etc. You can check out some recipes here or here.

The look is ugly but the taste is so yummy, so my friends, can't judge a book by its cover! Set aside this premium black garlic is loaded with abundant health benefits thanks to its high anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation, cholesterol reduction, etc.


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